a selfish story, i am selfish

Yes I am Selfish

I am selfish. Yes I accept it.
Don't think I am wrong. Okay, I might be wrong.. But atleast I am accepting it.

An advocate who protects wrong people, aren't they being selfish. Is he right? Who is there to decide that? He does this for his family.. 
A mother always thinks about his children even if her children don't notice it.. Yes, it's life.. 
Mother being selfish? Yes..
She loves her children the most so, she cares for them. She is right in her position if you see it that way.

A brother told his sister, don't go to her friend's birthday party in night. He doesn't like it. She should follow him, right? Yes, I know this is her life and she shouldn't follow anyone. But, this brother was her everything after he felt that there is no one for them. That's why he didn't marry anyone and loved her the most like his daughter. He should care for her? Is he selfish only thinking about him and telling her to follow his decision? 
And why shouldn't he be worried? He knows what happened to his closet friend when she was returning from her class at 9pm few days back. 
I know everyday is not the same day and he should be strong and support his sister. But, be at his position and feel like him.. Can you do that? Can you tell, is he selfish?

Some great people say to be selfish, some say that "someone shouldn't be selfish". It is really very confusing. In this world everyone says something. Who should you listen to? Aren't they also selfish? Yes of course. Everyone is.. 

If you are living your life, you are being selfish. They say, you are wrong, you are doing it wrong.. Who is right then? - Who is going to decide that? They are who they are in their lives, you are who you are in your life. And I am who I am in my life.. being selfish.

So what if I only think about myself and my family. Because that's the real truth. They are very special to me. Isn't it my life? I love myself the most. You do that too. And I know that, yeah you pretend to be someone sometimes..

Love is so beautiful, everything else looks a little blurry. Yes I am in love. I love myself first and then my family. Everything else comes next.. That's this strange life's rule.. Everyone is selfish, thinking about themselves first than anyone else. You being selfish, you live life. To live here you have to breathe and stay strong and be selfish...

Sometimes you just be selfish without knowing it. And sometimes you be selfish knowing it. It's all right in their own way.

There's nothing wrong in being selfish and loving yourself first. This could be wrong if you hurt somebody in wrong way in the mid-way. If you are okay, be selfish, live your own life..
So before I love anyone, I love myself. After all I am me, and it's about myself.