Social media is not my world, it's better outside.

Hey, are you on FB? - Dude what, you don't know about "FB"? Are you living here, or from some other planet..?
I use FB and I am on Instagram too. Yes, I am. And also I have a twitter account..

And I did participate in an online contest. Now I am a selfie super star. Every time I do something, i click a selfie. I am sleeping, I want to see how do I look while sleeping. Riding a bike, how cool I am.  That's why I am the youngest selfie superstar. It's not just about a selfie, it's about enjoying life.. No, you don't know all this, you're missing the fun.

First time in my college, in a museum, in a temple, taking selfie. I want my followers know how cool I am. Social media is cool, it let's me to follow whom I like and connect with my followers. I know there are so called trolls too. But, I don't care about them. I mean it's my life and who are they to decide what I do, what I wear.. Seriously who are they? - do you know them? Sometimes I might have posted somethings against someone/something, but I never hurt anyone. I never pass comments on someone's weight, age, dressing sense, skin color.. I am not that type, I know how this feels.

Yes bro, that's me. Can you too do that? Can you be in that girl's place and thing about how it feels when someone random person posts something wrong about you whom you don't know. I mean, how can you write some mean stuffs without knowing that person.? And even if you know that person, who are you to pass the comments? 

Sometimes we do some stuffs without knowing or thinking about the consequences..
Yes I did that too sometimes. I tried to smoke for a selfie. Oh yes. It was an experience. I don't smoke or drink, but just tried it that time. Hmm, my friend challenged my to do so. There's nothing wrong in onetime experience, no I don't it anymore. I know you did these things too. Your friend challenged you or, just did thinking of having some fun?
In train station, for the first time. Tried a selfie on the track, yes look cool? Look, train is coming.. 
Adventure and fun are good if you do it in right way. But, not risking your like or hurting someone or, their life for some views or some likes. It's not worth the time and sacrifice.

Someone's real life is more important than the virtual life. I know virtual life is more fun sometimes, but it's better if go outside sometimes and just enjoy with your family or friends. Share some stories or watch some movies..

Being social doesn't mean being on some social media. I know it's sometimes really hard to be friends with anyone in the real life. I know, you feel shy while talking to her in real life. In social media platforms, you just type and send.. But, in real life at least she can know you like who you are not someone you tried hard to pretend. In real life, you can go out, enjoy life more beautifully. You can talk to them face to face and share your feelings. Sometimes it's really hard, but try to be who you and don't pretend to be someone.. Try to be a good person and greet everyone with a real smile, they will like you surely.. And use the social media where you want share something good, inspiring and take the break sometimes from using it. Don't post wrong things or don't be addicted to it.

It's better outside...