A Valentine's Day Letter to my Love

Baby,where are you?
Are you ready?
Can we go now?
(Today is valentine's day. And everyone is enjoying.)
Valentine's Day. Really I don't know why do we celebrate it. 
Some so called experts say, if you are in love you should celebrate it.
That's a day for your girl, your love.
I agree with this, not completely but yes.
Yeah, I love you. I am lucky to have you in my life. I love your company in my life.
You are my life. You are the reason I smile every time. Baby, you're not only my love, you're my life, my everything.

But, celebrating just a day.. Does it mean, I love you? 
But, I celebrate your love everyday in my life with your support, care, company, love.
Experts say (yeah some love guru) you love your girl, protect her.
I don't think so. No, Don't get me wrong..
I love you and I know you are much more stronger than me.. 
I know you are independent.
I know you can live life without me, if something happens. I am positive always, but you need to think the both sides in life.
I know you're confident and also strong.

Love makes people strong. 
So, I don't only want to celebrate this day and forget everything after that. I want to live the life with you, smile with you,..
You are my lady love. You made my life beautiful, exciting.
You made it real. You're my support for life. You are strong. You are independent.
I not only love your beauty, I love your everything. I respect you. You are me, my identity. And I love you, your inner beauty.

Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day, Baby.