You and Me, it's my thinking about you

Yes, I am responsible. I am responsible for what I am thinking about you. I am responsible.
Whatever the world say, I respect you, love the way you live life. That makes me love you. I want you in my life, your way of living, you as a beautiful person.

I love you, not only because of your beauty, but what a great person you are. You are not a thing that I would say you belong to me. You are my life, inspires me everytime I see you. 
You're so powerful and strong, I admire you.

When I am thinking about you, beautiful you, I am dreaming about you. My dream was inspiring, as you were in there.

You made me, changed my life, my stupid life. I dream of you, my most beautiful woman. I don't know what I did to be around you, to see you living life so strong. You are my life whether you are here or not.

You are my inspiration, my life, my philosophy for life. I look at you every time I breath. 

You're special, your beauty is. I am special as I follow you. 
You're my reason to live life. You are the lady luck in my life.
And I feel complete every time you smile at me.

Baby, you are my love not because you are there, because you are there in my heart..